GW District’s Marketplace surpasses 100+ Black Owned Businesses
Avid shoppers know how rewarding it can be to have a one-stop-shop for all your purchasing needs. Many Black-Owned Businesses have launched this year and it can be time-consuming to visit multiple stores, online or in-person, to purchase everything you need, especially if you are intentional about the brands you are supporting. This is the exact problem a new business hopes to solve by creating a new, exceptional customer experience for consumers looking to support Black-Owned businesses nationwide.

GW District, Co-founded by Leon (Veteran) and Amiah Daniels, is an online retail marketplace to support business owners in the Black community by providing a platform to showcase their products and services to consumers nationwide. As business owners, Leon and Amiah understand the daunting costs associated with advertising and branding for the up-and-coming entrepreneur. They were inspired by a vision to launch GW District to empower emerging small Black-owned businesses by cross-selling and marketing. 

Patrons of the GW District can shop from more than 100 black-owned businesses, all in one location. More inspiring is that based on the initial statistics from their launch, one purchase on the platform generates sales for 2-3 other businesses on average.

To keep costs affordable for business owners, the GW District does not charge an up-front listing fee for sellers to post their products or services on the site. This has helped the platform grow to over 100 businesses with more signing up every day. In addition to listing products, the platform also hosts service-based businesses, authors, and podcasts.

For more information on the GW District, or to list your business, head over to   Watch our story on YouTube.