Logging in

You can log in by accessing the log in link here


Setting up your shop

Begin by filling out your information.  The more information the better because this adds trust for buyers.  Ensure that all your policies are outlined for the customer so there are no surprises.

Be sure to add a shop photo and banner for your business.  Branding is key.


Listing your products

Begin selecting the "add product" button on your dashboard

Next, fill out the product name, descriptions, and upload pictures. Remember to provide much detail as possible in a short impactful descriptions go much farther than long descriptions. Lastly, select a category, and don't forget your price! 

IMPORTANT: Please accurately weigh your products and place them in the weight field.  It's important to round up as best as possible.  When you ship your product you want to ensure that you aren't losing money by underestimating weight.

Inventory can be "tracked" or "untracked".  If the inventory is tracked and your product(s) sells out customers will not be able to order.  Conversely, if the products are "untracked" customers will be able to continue to buy no matter what.  It is up to the shop owner to decide whether they will select this option.

Variants are used to list multiple types of characteristics, (Size, Type, Color, etc)



When your product is ordered you will receive a notification to the email you listed for your store.  After logging in you will be able to view your orders on a dashboard.

Once you are ready to fulfill your order, click the fulfill button, and place tracking information.  This information will be routed to the customer for their tracking purposes.


Within your seller dashboard, you will be able to see both GW District's commission fee and your total sales.

Shop Links

After setting up your shop it will be listed on the main page but can be accessed by clicking on "shops" in our menu.  Each individual shop will have a link that business owners can pass to their customers for direct access.

Link for shop directories

 Lastly, we are always available to you if you encounter any issues or require assistance with set up email us shopgwdistrict@gmail.com