The Who?

GW District is unique in that is both a Veteran and Black-Owned family business. As our family has grown, we have focused on the importance of entrepreneurship in America and we value its contribution to our economy. 

The Why?

GW District was born out of an idea to empower small  and upcoming Black Owned businesses by cross selling and marketing.  We also understand the cost associated with starting small businesses: advertising, branding, etc.   

Most large marketplaces are flooded with competition and small businesses can get lost in the mix.  We wanted to create space solely focused on them and make it affordable. 

To accomplish this we developed a storefront where businesses can list their products for free while we focus on marketing our store to the consumer.  

The What?

GW District is short for Greenwood District.  The Greenwood District located in Tulsa, Oklahoma was known as a prominent small business epicenter in the early 20th Century.  It came to be known as Black Wall Street and was filled with hotels, grocery stores, jewelry stores, and many other businesses that worked together to build wealth.