Resume Services

  • Need a resume and don't know where to start? Allow New Wave University to help you jump start your future by providing you with a complete and professional resume. 

Stocks 101: Introductory Course

  • Learn how to open your stock brokerage and manage your stock portfolio. Learn the basics of buying and selling stocks. Learn how to build wealth through stock accumulation.

Credit Action Plans

  • At New Wave University we are dedicated to helping improve your credit score. We offer a simple credit consultation to explain what needs to be done.  It all starts with a plan.  So let us know your plan and we can get started on your journey to financial freedom today!

3 Month Budget Plans

  • Accounting plays a major role in wealth accumulation.  The wealthy have certain tactics that they use to reach financial freedom. We're offering to work with you over a 90 day duration to create a financial budgeting plan that works for you and can be used for a lifetime!

All Inclusive

  • You will receive 3 of our most requested services that we offer: The Stocks 101 Course,  the Credit Action Plan, and the 3 Month Budget Plan which all together play a very important role in your journey to financial freedom. 
  • The Stocks Course video can be viewed anytime, the Credit Action Plan will be provided to you within 24-48 hours, and the 3 month plan is a 90 day duration of budgeting your finances. 
  • Each service provided will be teaching you skills that you will be using for a lifetime!

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