GW District hosts a marketplace of Black Owned Business products in one central e-commerce platform for consumers to shop!!

Read the guidelines below carefully before applying.  Pay careful attention to the timelines for "Order Fulfillment" and "Product List".  Special exceptions to these guidelines can be requested by email.

Seller Guidelines

  • Free to join and list.
  • Competitive Fees: GW District commissions are 2.9% + $0.99 per item.  Lower than most industry marketplaces.
  • You must list products within 7 days.
  • You must fulfill and ship products in 1-3 days. Shipping is Sellers responsibility.
  • All products are subject to review. 
  • We are not currently publishing CBD, Marijuana, or Alcohol products but are still accepting signups. (We are still looking into policies regarding these, however they may be available in the future)
  • Store logo and product pictures are required for consumer trust.
  • As an Online Marketplace we are responsible for sales tax obligations and will remit all sales tax paid by buyers.
  • Please ensure you have a form of payment setup to receive payouts.
  • Accepted payouts processors Paypal. 
  • For more questions or any further assistance please contact us at