100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water

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Get rid of acne, dark spots and minimize the size of your pores with The Beauty Boothe Moroccan Rose Water!

Moroccan Rose Water is natural facial toner is suitable for all skin types. To soften, balance and regenerate your face, as well as tighten and minimize pores. Contains natural anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and skin irritation. Perfect for lifting excess oil from the skin, and to soothe and even out your skin tone.
Handmade in Morocco by few of the oldest women’s co-operatives, using only the finest roses which have been grown organically in a pesticide-free zone. The water is triple distilled, filtered and infused with rose petals. This is a 100% natural and organic product. Free from parabens, preservatives, fragrances, binders, additives, colorants, and any other nasties.
When buying rose water from drugstores one should be reading the labels, since certain types may contain numerous additives. Sometimes its composition is synthetic rose oil mixed with purified water, isopropanol, glycerin and often methylparaben.

How to use:
After cleansing, spray directly on the skin or on a cotton ball. Then gently apply to your face and neck, allowing time to fully absorb into your skin. Rose Water contains natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties to balance, refresh and hydrate your skin. You will also like using this as an aromatherapy mist to lighten your mood and provide relief from anxiety and depression.

100% Pure Moroccan rose water (Rosa Damascena).


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