Braidloc Vegan Leather Hair tie Necklace with Daisies

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I call this creation “Braidloc” because it works perfectly on braids and locs. When you need something to hold all that hair and keep it out of your face, grab a braidloc and it will do the job in style. 


  It is designed to be adjusted to your own individual hair thickness. The black cotton vegan leather is adorned with silver plated beads, and two hand- blown beads with a core that is silver plated over copper. The antique silver fish hook  is what holds everything in place. 


To adjust the Braidloc, put the loop around the fishhook and pull the end that contains the two glass beads.


 What’s the catch? You can wear this beauty in your hair and as a stylish necklace as well.

It is versatile in so many ways. Create updos, ponytails, or around your neck as a stylish choker.

This will make a great gift for someone with braids, locs, thick long hair, or no hair at all. 
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Warning: This hook can get tangled in your hair, so be careful.

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