Stella Bistro Foods Noches Mexicanas Sultry Spice 4 oz. Vegan Gluten-Free Keto Kosher Seasoning

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Whether you desire to grill, broil, sear or bake, Stella Bistro Foods Noches Mexicanas Sultry Spice is ideal for different portions, vegetables, casseroles - you name it!


Great for grilling fruits, baking and meats! Let your taste buds dance with notes of lime, a culture of peppers, and cocoa.


Elevate with flavors of medium red wines or mellow brew.


Allow your cardiovascular system to enjoy the benefits of Stella Bistro Foods Noches Mexicanas: 


- Lowers risk of heart attack

- Lowers risk of stroke

- Improves blood flow


DIRECTIONS: Spice to desired taste.

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